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the nature of caring

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Hi all. First post here and hope all is well. I'm a carer at a home for adults with learning disability and have to say I really enjoy it and find it rewarding. I have never done anything like this before and it has been a great experience and recently I've begun to ask myself a question as the same thing keeps coming back to me as I see what goes on in the home. we all gripe about the paperwork taking away time with the residents that's a standard gripe that we have to live with but it's not this which has recently been on my mind
What I wonder about is how a stranger that is paid for doing a job really is able to genuinely give the level of care that is needed - this bothers me a lot
For many of our residents it's about meeting basic needs and providing a pleasant atmosphere in the home and I think we do pretty well in giving them a lot of quality of life, we certainly are able to meet the needs of most of our residents
However we also have a new resident who has some deep seated emotional needs and also I can see myself working more and more with mental health in general in the future. I don't really like the way things are boxed into 'learning disabillity' or 'mental health'. everyone is different and to some extent there's always a mental health element in all our residents (and staff!)

It strikes me with mental health you have to do more than normal, you have to truly level with them and be a friend not just 'friendly'. this is what fascinates me about mental health, it is so different and a long-term type of caring. I hope to help this resident but he is very hard to figure out. Some of the staff have no time for him
Hi Martin, and welcome.

From what you've written you seem to be talking about being a paid carer rather than "informal" carer (someone who is not paid for providing care but is a family member, friend or neighbour). This site is aimed more at unpaid carers.
Hi Martin, it's really good to read your post from the paid care worker perspective for those with LD's
It really strikes a chord with me having a child with autism and SLD and the reason why I am his full time carer, of course they have emotional needs just like anyone else and who better to meet these needs than his own family Image
hi martin this site is really for unpaid carers but welcome coffeex
Hello Martin

as others have said, this is primarily a site for unpaid carers rather than salaried care workers but the following link may be of use to you -


ok and thanks too I didn't realise this.. some of our residents were looked after by their familiy (most often Mothers) for many years and it always touches me when I think I'm looking after someone who was was cared for so long by them and I feel it is a honour to be looking after them now. I could tell you many stories but there are some really good people working in the care system which I view as essential part of society. Things would be much better if there was more interaction between these people and the home carers? In future this will probably happen once money begins to run out for the present way of doing things, as it is all very mixed up and convoluted at the moment I feel and has to change at some point. Lots of money involves but we carers take a lot of crap on minimum wage. we'd be happy with minimum wage but without the crap! I take the hint and leave now. bye.