Survey on the Cost of Caring - (survey closed)

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
THE SURVEY HAS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all those who participated - look out for the results in the next couple of months.

Carers UK have conducted a survey to gather hard evidence about how carers are struggling to make ends meet. The results of this survey will be used to make the case to the Government for urgent and radical changes to carers' benefits.

Figures used from last years Real Change not short change survey were a real help in making the case for change, these new figures will provide up-to-date info to see how hard carers have been hit by the credit crunch, and rising food and fuel prices.

Thanks for your help,

I had an e-mail. Mine is done.
Thanks everyone, we've had almost 1000 since Friday.
I wish I had waited, to add another comment. We have just had our notification of electric and gas increase, and will have to find an extra £12 a week from God knows where.And that will be without using our tumble drier,so I hope it is a dry winter.
One cant enter the ages of more than one caree on the survey.
Mines all filled in, hope it helps Image
They sent me an email, I filled survey in straight away and would urge gently other cares to fill survey in