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Who Cares for Carers? - Carers UK Forum

Who Cares for Carers?

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
I am a Post Graduate MSc psychology student and currently in the process of recruiting participants for my dissertation.

My research focuses on the views of carers, particularly concerning their role as a carer. I am interested specifically in carers of people with mental health problems. Using a simple questionnaire format I will ask carers to respond to situations they may have experienced.
The more that we understand about the attitudes of caring, the better we will be able to direct help for families and those affected by mental health problems as recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

If carers would like to participate, a report will be provided to them when my dissertation is complete to summarise the findings of the study and suggestions for future interventions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You.
Hi - I would be really interested in reading your dissertation about caring for carers. Would you be able to send it to me or mind sharing some of your findings?

This is an interesting subject. NO one really cares for us carers. If I am ill. I have too muddle through. If I have to take to my bed for any reason, goodness knows who would come over and offer help to my Hubby, who is going blind and also he has Osteo-arthritis of the spine, hips & Knees. And there is no way that he will go into restpite at his age. As he wants to be here at home .Good subject regards amandah
Your research sounds really interesting. I'm a carer for someone but I have a mental health condition, would that be of use to you?
The research was a few years ago, Charliee - in 2011.

Can someone check this board and lock any threads that are out of date?