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A while ago, I posted about my PhD study at Oxford Brookes University, asking for people who would be willing to fill in an online survey for distance caregivers. I am now in the very last stage of recruitment, so I wondered if someone else would like to have a look at the questionnaire and maybe fill it in. Most people have done it in 15-20 minutes.

What is the study about?

I am exploring the views of people who have a family member who is near the end of life (this might be because they have advanced dementia, or incurable cancer, or a seriously life-limiting condition) and lives away from them. People may provide care and support from a distance because they do not live nearby, and this means that they cannot visit their loved one as often as they would like to.

What do you mean by caring at a distance?

When I say “at a distance”, I mean carers who are restricted in how often they can visit because they do not live nearby. This may be because they live in a different town, or city, or in a different country.

Is this a proper study?

Yes. This piece of research is part of my PhD at Oxford Brookes University. The study, and all its documentation, have been approved by the NHS Research Ethics Committee. All responses will be kept strictly confidential.

I would like to learn more/fill in the questionnaire

If you would like to contribute to the study, or if you just want to learn more about it, please follow the link below:

- If you are CURRENTLY providing care/support to a relative who is near the end of life and lives far from you, please fill in this version of the survey:

- If you USED TO provide care/support to a relative who passed away less than 3 years ago, and who was living far from you at the time, please fill in this version of the survey:

Very many thanks for reading this.

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