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Sandwich Generation - Carers UK Forum

Sandwich Generation

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
My name is Evy and I'm a television director, hoping to produce a
documentary about the Sandwich Generation.

I make observational documentaries - the kind of films that involve
spending a bit of time with people and filming their lives in order to
help others understand the issues that they are facing. I want to make
contact with families who are currently caring for children/grandchildren and ageing parents at the same time.

I'm looking for people to chat to about their experiences to help with my research but, more importantly, I'm also looking for individuals who are prepared to consider being filmed as part of the documentary.

I understand that some people will have concerns - watching
‘documentaries' like Wife Swap I can't blame you! But please don't
dismiss the idea out of hand. I'm a sensitive programme maker and I've
made a number of films about similar subjects which have been well
received not only by viewers but also by the people who featured in them.

I'm keen to make a documentary about the sandwich generation because it is something that is beginning to affect more and more people and perhaps its a subject that hasn't received the attention or understanding it deserves.

I realise that for many of the people affected appearing on television
wouldn't be an easy thing to do but I'm hopeful that there will be some
out there who might be prepared to give it a go.

If you'd like to chat I can be reached by email at evy@evyfilms.co.uk or
on my mobile - 07879 227643
Evy Barry
Wish someone would make a documentary about the lack of palliative care services for people who are too old for childrens hospices and who the adult hospices won't provide services for as they don't provide respite only end of life care. Thus we and other families like us are left caring 24/7 without a break.


sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. I would be open to discussing this further. If you want to email me my details are on the post.

The lack of respite care for young disabled adults who do not have a learning disability is truly shocking.
Evy if you are interested my sons petition can be found at

He also has a facebook page at