Hi all,

I work for a research company who have been commissioned by the Royal National Institute for Blind People to undertake research into the provision of wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (wAMD) service provision in the UK. This project is part of the RNIB's wider work to ensure those most at risk of sight loss receive timely access to diagnosis and treatment. This project is looking at service provision from the perspective of the clinician, commissioner, patient and carer. It will consider how to optimise service delivery and the patient experience. It will establish what high quality wAMD service provision looks like so that the RNIB, working with service providers and commissioners, can help turn this into a reality for all.

The RNIB is very keen to get as many patients and carers as possible. We would be grateful if anyone from this forum could take part in the research, it takes the form of a short telephone interview -- roughly 15-30 minutes -- with a series of questions designed by the RNIB to gain as much insight into patient's care as is possible.

If you wish to take part in this research you can either reply to this thread, contact me on 0208 688 0650 to arrange a suitable time for the short telephone interview, or e-mail me at sean@thecampaigncompany.co.uk. If you want any more information on this, please reply to this thread.