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Research into the winter crisis among carers - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Research into the winter crisis among carers

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Oh the poor dears! And I bet when they have 'lost' it they still have more per annum than most of us.
Elizabeth Finn Care supports people from over 120 occupational backgrounds who have fallen suddenly or unexpectedly on hard times. In that respect, it could be said to have one of the widest reaches of any national poverty charity in the UK. Whilst it is true that EFC only helps those who have contributed through work before losing their financial security, that is not to say that it believes there exists a ‘deserving’ and not so deserving poor. Our largest client group is nurses. Many of whom became ill or suffered an accident and can no longer work. We have helped them navigate through a benefit system that has - up until the point they got into trouble – been completely alien to them; we help them keep their homes (the hoops people have to go through to receive Housing Benefit when they become ill as an owner-occupier is frankly obscene and many never get it) and cover their heating and food costs. Oxfam doesn’t help all of those living in poverty, nor does Shelter. All charities have their specific remits and limits to who they can help. None are all things to all people; nor should they be. That is the job of the state. Ours is to help where the state falls short, and sadly, for those who have worked all their lives and suddenly found themselves unable to work, the help can be more limited than for those from other social groups (often because of institutionalised misconceptions such as those described in your post) and their ability to manoeuvre around the system is affected by their lack of historical exposure to it. We should also point out, that we do not help those with more than £4,000 in savings, nor who have additional income to draw upon – like ‘large private pensions’ pots. In addition, although we do not provide grants to people who have never worked, we do support them access benefits and charitable grants through our unique and comprehensive website and free helpline service – turn2us.org.uk

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Elizabeth Finn Care needs your help. We wish to expand our knowledge on the lives of Carers and specifically, the extra challenges they face in the winter months. What you think is vital and more importantly, your voice should be heard. We will use the information for media work and campaigning for a better deal for carers.

Please take part in this survey if you feel more should be done to ensure Carers aren’t left out in the cold for another winter.

We have already heard from number of carers about their personal circumstances and have come to the conclusion that many of them are literally keeping Britain ticking; providing care to those who desperately need it. Please give us 10 minutes of your time so we can now return the favour!

I object to the above quote because those "who have never worked" may not have been able to do so as a direct result of their caring role.

I for one have only ever held down a "proper job" for a short space of time but during the time since leaving school, I have cared for no less than 5 people (4 of whom simultaneously) and that is on top of being disabled myself and furthering my education.

Please be less hasty to judge us "lazy people" in future!!!