My Cousin goes to a centre for the handicapped 3 days a week.
Under the new Direct Funding system he will pay £90 a week for that, that is part of his Direct Funding.
Also as there is a deficit in his funding he is about £20 SHORT on what he was receiving, it has been suggested I take a cut of £25 a week to help him out. We care for him 24/7.

I am allowed respite... it was suggested that a weekend respite placement can be in July as well as the 3 weeks we will take in the next year.
As it will cost £439 a week (paid from his Direct Funding) will I be expected to pay pro rata ?
Is anyone else in the dark with the new funding ?
This afternoon we were told that his allowances do not cater for "home care" just that the system recognises the needs of people who are in residential care.