am starting a new support group ;Strawberry fields
for carers and families of people with disabilites and Chronic health comditions in Southport/ Formby/ Sefton / Ormskirk/ lancs.
It does not matter the age of the person they care for it could be 0-100

I also hope to reach people in other areas/ all uk via a website (2011)
I am currently developing a website and collecting data
I have also just opened a group and community page on face book

My aim is to help people who slip through the net . who do not get any help or support . this may be because they are afraid to ask for help,or do not know where to start ,or do not wish to admit that they can not cope , or are struggling

I myself care for someone (adult) with a neurological genetic condition . and I myself have chronic brittle asthma .
I am a mum and grandmother and hold a degree Bsc and a Diphe health studies .
I have over 20yrs experience of working in health and social care .

I am looking to be able to offer support and chat and advice on benefits and rights . also tips on travel and holidays . i.e good places to stay ./ breaks days out / reasonable prices and good facilites . also
chances for respite / get togethers / pamper sessions / complimentary therapies /
inform them about other groups ,grand parents groups and mums and tods , parents and children groups/ music /drama/ horseriding / swimming for all , and much more

I initially wish to start my group via the web and email , being a confidential service and giving the person in need of support the chance to speak and voice there concerns without fear of being judged /

I also would like to be able to offer a drop in advice session..
But need to find a free venue in which to hold it as I can not afford to pay for room hire etc .

Please can you help me
1) advertsing my group
2) free venue for drop in session Southport/ Formby/ Sefton / Ormskirk/ lancs.