Postgraduate Researcher needing Carers Over 40

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Sorry Caree is in his early forties so not really in 'eldercare'
marie x
Do you mean that you are caring for someone in his early forties? Because he is still classed as an adult, you would both be valuable for my research (if you are interested).

I think the term 'eldercare' is quite confusing, and I apologize for that.
I would guess that most older carers are motivated to go to work by the usual reason, it folds and goes into our wallets so we can buy stuff like heating, lighting and tacky ornaments to put on the mantelpiece. Image
Your lucky Rob if yours can stretch to tacky ornaments!!! Image Image
The term eldercare also gives me the impression of someone of pensionable age, it's very misleading.
I have changed 'eldercare' to 'caring' instead. Hopefully, that will be less confusing! Image
Sounds a lot less confusing Angela.
Are you currently employed and caring for an adult (or know of anyone interested)?

If so, I would love to hear from you!

I just wanted to send a quick message to thank everyone for your comments and your help with my research.

I have now got enough interview data to start analyzing the different, individual experiences. It has been a wonderful pleasure talking to you all!

Angela Image
Hi everyone.

I have completed writing my research - if anyone is interested in reading a summary of the findings, send me a private message and your email address.

I have really enjoyed this piece of research. Thank you so much for those who have contributed to this study - I would not have completed it without you.

Sincerely grateful,