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Nominate health/social care workers for award - Carers UK Forum

Nominate health/social care workers for award

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Please see below for details released by the Department of Health

Public given first chance to vote for the care workers who make a difference

Over 2 million people in the UK are employed in health and social care and they work around the clock to ensure support and care for those who need it. Now the public are being given the chance to say thank you to the people who have supported and cared for them or their loved ones. To help recognise the special personal touch many of these care-givers provide all year-round, a national award has been launched to give the public a chance to say thank you.

The People’s Award for Dignity in Care has been created to officially say thank you to our health and social care staff and highlight the remarkable work they do. Anyone employed in care-giving is eligible, from nurses and social workers, to hospital porters and nursing home employees, providing they have gone the extra mile to ensure dignity and respect in any area of health and social care. You can nominate at www.dignityincare.org.uk or by calling 0870 000 1100.

Sir Michael Parkinson, the Ambassador for Dignity in Care says: “Most of us will at some point be in contact with care services - be that in our work or as a service user, a carer, a relative or friend. The People's Award for Dignity in Care is a great way for us to recognise the dedication of health and care staff treating people with the dignity and respect they deserve.â€Â
I am sorry but this makes my blood boil - these people chose to go their JOB for which they are PAID.

What about us unpaid family carers - we don't want a stupid piffling award we want a decent wage for what we do - we do it from love but love don't pay the bills!

bravo Eun

well said!! agree with u
Nope, Eun, I don't go for all these award things either. In any case, they are only awarded to those people who have been actually 'nominated'. There are obviously FAR MORE 'caring' professionals out there who wouldn't have been 'nominated' (somewhere?????????). So, it's only the best of those few, NOT the best in the world or anything. What's the point anyway? Itsn't their pay enough? Don't WE GO THE 'EXTRA MILE'???????????
Please dont lynch me for this post Image Image

Whilst along with others I dont like these type of schemes, there is another side to it.
There are many elderly/disabled who live alone, who rely totally on outside help, and I know of 2 ladies locally who nominated their support workers for a local award.They seen it as a way of saying thank you.Although neither worker won the event itself,one of them did win a meal for 2 at a local restaurant.She did not take her hubby but took the lady she works for instead.That old lady still talks about it.

On a personal level,we had over the years some social workers from hell.However,there was 2 that I would have nominated for something like this.One for Robert who moved on about 15 years ago.She still keeps in touch and always enquires as to how he is doing.She was very old school and left now as the new way of working was not for her.Budgets and targets ahead of people.
The last one that we had for mam,well I cant praise her enough.Every piece of equipment we needed she got for us even when we had previously been told No by others.She would make a round trip of 20 miles to visit mam if mam was in hospital, and that was on her days off.
Its coming up for 3 yrs in April since we lost mam and I know before it comes I will get a little note of support from her.

x x x
I understand what Rosemary is saying, and up to three years ago, would have agreed. Now, I just feel as though all Social Services and the NHS are there for is to batter me about emotionally a little bit more.They are supposed to be there to help and support, but I have never met one who can do this. They cannot make any commitments of any kind without first bringing it up at a meeting.My family's private business does not exist, and that is very traumatic sometimes. (At a meeting last year for my son's respite care, they asked why he wanted to have respite. His reply-"So that my Mum and dad can run upstairs to have sex like Ben and Susan Harper in "My Family"!)Okay, it sounds funny now, but with a straightlaced Social Worker, and all the rest of them sitting round a table, I could have sunk through the floor!

They are all paid to do a job, but most of the time, they seem to want me to pat them on the back when they do actually get something right.When I worked as a nurse, the rewards I had, (apart from my pay), were to see a husband grateful that his wife was having a good sleep, or the quadraplegic man near to tears, when I brought my first baby in to visit, and someone took the boottees off my son, and rubbed his tiny feet along this man's cheek.I was fortunate though, I could go home at the end of a shift. Most of the people I nursed, were in to give their family a bit of respite care, so their family had the tough job, not me. I loved what I was doing.And if someone died, then I hope I was able to support family just as much at those times too.I believe I would have been proud, had I vere been nominated for such an award,but in hindsight,I was doing exactly what I was being paid to do,and the smiles and love from others were reward enough.
i agree with wot rosemary is saying---

when i get a few hours with work, id actually do it for nothing with most of the elderly i visit, to make some one smile is priceless and some of the things they come out with is just the best,,

BUT would we give an award to best till girl in tesco? NOPE she gets paid and she has to see as many bums and tits as a paid carer (and belive me some bottoms and piles are off putting to even the strongest stomached of us all)

it over glorifies a human instinct that should be there all ready-- to care
I agree with Daisy, can't call you Lazy. Throughout any meeting with specialists we've ever had, nobody has ever asked me anything. Not about my role, or my feelings, or my thoughts on things, or how I cope/not - nothing at all. But, why did this worker, Rosemary, only take the lady out when she nominated her and won a dinner out? How come she didn't think of it before if it was such a good idea?
why did this worker, Rosemary, only take the lady out when she nominated her and won a dinner out? How come she didn't think of it before if it was such a good idea?
They did go out together prior to this.The old lady in question had been made welcome by her care assistants' family over time too.Had even attended a family wedding.It was just one of many reasons she nominated her.She had been so isolated before.

We all differ in our outlook on these.I was only giving a few examples of where such a nomination was made to show appreciation.I said earlier that I dont believe in these schemes,I still dont but I can see it from the other view point too.
I dislike all these "hero of the revolution" honours schemes - what's wrong with a good old fashioned MBE? (Only kidding!) The trouble is there are always those more worthy who are far too modest, unknown or downtrodden to promote themselves.