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New to the caring profession and really need some advice - Carers UK Forum

New to the caring profession and really need some advice

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Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah and as of yesterday I became a domiciliary carer for the elderly. I've never had a job in this line of work before and i'm very anxious about getting it right.

My first client is a lady in her 80's who is very poorly with all manner of illnesses. However she is VERY particular about how she likes things done and even though I have only been working with her for 2 days now I get the feeling that she is getting impatient with the fact she has to instruct me how to do things to her specifications.

I am relatively young to be doing this type of work as I am 27 and I think my age and lack of any caring experience may also be putting her on edge.

I just need any hints, tips and advice that people on this site can give, because I just want to be able to put her at ease and do the job right.

Thank you for listening.

Hi Sarah and welcome.
This is actually a forum for carers, not care workers, but it's good to see that you want to do the best you can for the lady you work for.
Hello Sarah - as Myrtle has said this is foremostly a forum for Carers (unpaid) rather than Care Workers, but you may find this part of the website of interest


the best advice I can give you is patience, patience and more patience Image
Hi Sarah,

Like Susie has said, patience.
The main thing to remember is that it is her home you are entering and to treat her home and her with respect. Start off at 1st doing things her way, unless a safety issue. Use this time to build trust, build a relationship, involve her in as many aspects of your job as possible. In time some of her ways may or may not need changing but easier to do if you have a good relationship between you both. Without patronising her, ask her to help you compile an instruction book that you can refer too if needed, instead of her feeling she is repeating herself. Although you cant discuss her illnesses here, listen to her as much as possible. She knows her body better than anyone.

Whilst formal training is important, the connection you make with her is important too, at least thats how I feel. Anyone can go in and provide a service, its up to you ( and her ) to work out just how good a one you give.

Of course the above depends on how much time you have, and if you need move on quick to another person needing care.