New deal for carers, were you picked?

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
I am starting this to follow on from Neils thread notifying us of the consultations at the following places.......

Nottingham 17th Sept

Guildford 21st Sept

Birmingham 25th Sept

Exeter 27th Sept

Norwich 3rd Oct

Maidstone 5th Oct
Newcastle 10th Oct

Leeds 12th Oct

Manchester 15th Oct

London (150 person event) 5th Nov

Leeds (150 person event) 9th Nov

I am going to the Newcastle one.

Pam - London event.

I know of 2 for Norwich and one for Leeds.

Any others?????
I am going to Exeter tomorrow.
I am going to Exeter tomorrow.
Can you let us know what you think and what happens please.
I am going to Exeter tomorrow.
Good luck today,look forward to your 'report'.

I've been picked for London, but whether I'll be able to afford to get there is currently unknown because of the date change making it a couple of days after my inlaws renew their vows and have a party.
Update, got the lurgy that loads of people got the weekend before the event, and consequently didn't attend it. Had far too high a temperature to do anything, let alone use public transport to attend a crowded meeting. Image