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Personal video message from my father: http://dementia-care-research.com.au/a- ... l-message/

Research website]http://dementia-care-research.com.au[/url]

In 2009 my mother Heather was diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia. My father was her full time carer until 2012, at which point she was placed in a full-time residential dementia care facility.

My Father, a psychologist with a history as an academic and therapist, is now undertaking some research to explore the changing nature of an intimate and loving relationship where one member of the relationship has been diagnosed with dementia. The aim of the work is based on the notion that future travellers who come to share our journey will at least have a rough guide to what might be expected in their personal relationship as the disorder progresses.

So I ask you, or anyone you know, who may be interested in sharing their personal experiences as a carer for a spouse or partner with dementia, to please visit the site and consider participating in this very important research.