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Looking for case studies - Foster carers - Carers UK Forum

Looking for case studies - Foster carers

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.

I work for the website www.fundingcaring.co.uk The site provides advice and information on the financial side of caring. I would like to add some information on foster caring and interview some foster carers if possible. I would just want to ask about issues such as whether you were worried about money, how you manage money, how easy/hard financial information was to understand.

I am looking for:

A foster carer who would be happy to discuss the issues above (It will be a general financial chat; not about your personal financial circumstances)

A foster carer who combines foster caring with other paid work.

If you can help, please message me here.

Best wishes
Sarah Wray
Thanks Sarah.
You are being paid to do this work, so it must have a real value to someone. So, how much are you paying carers to take part?
Dear Excalibur

Thanks for your message. I will enquire about payment for carers who contribute but unfortunately I doubt resources will be available.

I do take your point about payment for carers and if I could pay people I would. I would stress tha there is no pressure for anyone who is not happy to have a quick chat unpaid to do so.

Best wishes
I will enquire about payment for carers who contribute but unfortunately I doubt resources will be available.
Thankyou for that concession Sarah.
This still begs the question: why should anyone expect carers to give more of their time for free when the people who designed and implemented the study are being paid to do it? Haven't carers already given enough?

I just checked your site, and it is very general and vague. It makes no distinctions between different parts of the UK, which have different laws and entitlements, and it fails to link to sites like this one that carry a wealth of expertise. Unlike wikipedia, (which IS run by a charity) users cannot edit the information directly but must rely on making submissions to a professional editor. To all appearances, it is simply a method of generating revenue from google advertisement. Would you disagree with this analysis?

The keywords in the header code used for search engine optimisation are usually a giveaway: yours are: <meta name="keywords" content="care assistance, direct payments, respite care, carers' services, charities" />

Yet oddly, the page has no links to carers charities and provides no practical assistance whatsoever.
Foster carers get paid a sight more than the £53 a week carers allowance we carers get for being 'on duty' 24 hours a day 7 days a week , if we're lucky enough to qualify for this pittance of a benefit Image
Our local newspaper the Newcastle evening chronicle at least every 10 weeks advertises for foster carers just over a year ago i had letter printed regarding the difference between foster carers and that of carers carers as we know carers receive the carers allowance £53 foster carers receive so my friend tells me who is a foster carer some £420 per child and she has 2 and still works i noticed that since then whenever they have their regular advert the rate of "pay" for foster carers is never mentioned are they embarrassed i wonder .

our friend often jokes about her job 8 hours at school 4 hours doing homework 8 hours in bed money for old rope or so she says she even gets respite care for holidays .

i know some foster carers do a great job especialy with young disabled children or those kids who are a wee bit difficult but i have always been amazed at the difference in the "rate of pay"

well done ROB
Foster Carers used to be known as foster parents;why has that changed?
Foster families do not have to take the foster children to school, they are picked up and dropped off, the foster parents/carers have training as well as holidays, and they have more respect within Social services than unpaid Carers seem to, yet it is their choice. It may be a choice that is good and kindhearted, unpaid Carers do not get a choice.

I agree with george,
well said Rob.
Obviously it is not only the government who sees us as a free resource, well said Rob.
NO, NO, NO ..........FOSTER carers are not the same as CARERS. Please don't put us in the same pigeon hole, we are not foster carers and foster carers are a totally different band of people. Would you please investigate this and approach the site you need. It's not this one.
I would agree with Frandrake. There is an important distinction. Foster carers and carers are two totally different things.

It's possible you might find people on here who have fostered children, just as you might on a trainspotters forum, or any other site that has a cross-section of society but it is important to realise that this website is not about fostering!