Carers In The North West

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Hi All

I'm a carer and writer currently compiling a local guide for people who get about with wheels.

What I want to offer are the little tips about places that make such a massive difference to how enjoyable a day out can be. Things we may not be aware we've noticed, such as which park entrance to head for and which trail to follow and, of course, where to avoid. Stuff that could be really valuable to someone visiting a place for the first time but not deemed important enough to have made it onto the venue's website. Any North West attraction is of interest.

If you have any nuggets you'd like me to share then please post a reply.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Christina

I can strongly recommend a day out at Ness Botanical Gardens on the Wirral. As mum’s carer I got in for free, mum got a reduced entrance fee, and we were given a map for the wheelchair accessible bits; which was most of the massive gardens which were stunning and which we both really enjoyed… an awful lot of ‘whichs’ there.
From my point of view, as the wheelchair pusher, there are loads of benches on which to take a breather and enjoy the scenery. From mum’s point of view, the toilets marked on the map were fully wheelchair accessible.
We really enjoyed our meal in the café, and mum loved rummaging around the garden centre bit. The staff were very helpful. We both had a great day out.

I’d love to take her there again but unfortunately she’s now too weak.