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Improving emotional health - Carers UK Forum

Improving emotional health

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Are you interested in women’s health issues, or concerned about your own health?
Would you like to take part in developing a therapy programme which will help improve women's emotional and physical health and wellbeing?
My name is Judith and I am a health psychologist and PhD student at Teesside University. In my project, I am exploring how emotions are linked to our health. There is some indication in the literature that stressful life experiences, for example bereavement, may be related to one’s well-being. I am looking for women in the UK to take part in an online emotional health programme I have developed. It consists of an 8 week programme designed to improve women's emotional health, and takes place on a web site specifically created for the project, so there is no need to travel anywhere. Participation is completely confidential, and you will be able to post in your own time, at your convenience.
If you are interested in taking part, you can find more information about the study here on the project website:


Many thanks!
I had a quick look at your website...

I do not mean to criticise but I must say that "emotional health" is basic mental health = depression. I do not understand why your project's focus is about bereavement only...???

Most if not all of us, Carers will agree that we are all having some experience of emotional health matters due to our care role, and we all know it affects to physical health and wellbeing.

Continuous study is good and much needed but I woulkd like to see more improovement in actual NHS, i.e. better and quicker support from GP and early intervention etc. I have had a therapy from GP side as I was not unwell enough to be with CMHT, but I found it was not helpful as such. The lady therapist was very nice and understanding about Carers though - she knew she could not help me much because it is down to what I do.

You have posted here means you are aware about Carers? - I hope. Unless our Carees can have better and core support from NHS, Carers will remain in distress then develop physical health as I have that all with my health any way Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Good luck for your project.