Impact of being a carer

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i was wondering if some people could help me? I am currently a student nurse and am looking into the effects and impact of being carer. Being quite new to this area and there not being much research around i was hoping to get some views and opinions from carers themselves about how being a carer impacts their lives on a positive and negative perspective.

Without doubt, confidentiality will be maintained and no names need to be mentioned. This would be a great help and i really apprecitate your time.


Ill health and poverty
Haley you are doing research well l can tell that this goverment abuses us and treats us Carers with contempt.

For your research you just have to read the thousands of postings on this forum and you would have much to write about.

We suffer as Carers ill health,poverty.degredation.loosing your home and the feeling and the total isolation.

Sorry for the negative but it is just the way l feel and l think other carers feel the same way just livid and angry with the system in place. They know something has to be done but they think it will just go away but it will not.