Low Review: DLA mobility in residential care

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We still don't know what the Government plans to do about removing mobility payments from people in residential care.

They've scrapped their original plan to remove DLA mobility from people in residential care from 2013 - but the Welfare Reform Bill means that when the Personal Independence Payment (the replacement to DLA) is introduced, the Government still has the power to stop people in residential care getting the Personal Independence Payment mobility component.

The Government has said that they are 'reviewing' the evidence around whether people in residential care are 'double-funded' for mobility (ie. their residential care home AND their DLA mobility both pay for the same thing). But the Government has said that they aren't publishing the details of this review process.

As a result, Leonard Cheshire and Mencap have asked Lord Low (http://www.parliament.uk/biographies/colin-low/54208) to conduct an independent review.

It is really important to get lots of responses and evidence for this review to make sure the Government take it seriously. Carers UK will be submitting evidence, but if you are able to send a quick response about anyone you know who relies on DLA mobility and why it is important to them, that would be great. Details at http://lowreview.org.uk

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I'm not sure the government is able to keep the process secret, legally. There are no commercial sensitivities, no State secrets related to terrorism, that I can think of?