How much does it cost to treat someone with a pressure sore

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I am currently conducting research on how much it costs the nhs to treat a person with a pressure sore every day but don't know all the incurring example

Clinician/Carer Time

My real question is how often are the dressings changed? I assume this varies per patient but on average..
any help any one could give would be greatly appreciated.

It's complicated, Chris. My husband has pressure sores and has been treated by district nurses for almost a year. Dressings are not always a good idea, because removing them tears the skin. Ideally the nurses recommend they should stay on for a week, but as the dressings are on his sacrum they can get wet and soiled when he uses the commode. So some days we leave them off and use protective cream. We've tried every kind of dressing, doubtless some more expensive than others, and now get through a box of 10 Allevyn Adhesive about every 3 weeks.

As for time, the nurses call for other things as well, and my time as a carer isn't costed, but if I were a professional carer on £14.30 an hour (agency charge, not what they get of course) I would reckon that about 4 hours a week is spent checking pressure sores, turning my husband, making him move every couple of hours, and changing dressings.

I would hazard about £80 a week!