How many hours do you work each week?

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Hiya, Dipsy, I did flag up to Lee on his new members post explaining our forum is for unpaid carers and not for carers, he did reply on there saying he does partially care for his Nan.
Lee, could you make sure any posts you make aren't in relation to your paid care worker job please. Thanks, Karen
Sure no worries.
hi lee i agree with dipsy i sleep when my wife sleeps or i do things i cant do when she is awake 24-7-and some more
My caring role has reduced somewhat now Mike is in his own place, but even so I'm on call 24/7 for my sister, parents and Mike. For a time I've also been caring for my wife, although she's generally much better at the moment. Fingers crossed!

And then there's the day job. Current average, 53 hours a week. Usually, around 43 hours.
Oh dear sorry about that, didn't mean to annoy you Image
I'm just doing my job as a Carer out there, I'm not a know all, I just want to share the issue's of the job. End of conversation Image
Sorry Lee but your job out there is a care worker, the carers on here work 24/7 whoever they care for as we are never off duty, even when/if we are doing paid work and you never know when your caree will need you.
So the answer to your question is except for respite we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Hi Lee,

I'm carer 24/7 for S. I look after him whenever he is not at college and am on call 24/7. My heart is always in my mouth when my mobile goes off and he is not with me ...

I also have a day job - I'm a special needs teacher - and we work a lot more hours than the press would have you believe!