Benefits Survey

Carers UK is part of the Disability Benefits Consortium. Together with other organsiations we are doing a survey to find out people's experiences of the current benefits system, particularly around the medical assessments on Employment Support Allowance. We are going to use the information we get from the survey to help the Government better understand the impact changes to benefits like Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance and Local Housing Allowance will have on disabled people. We will also use the information to make people more aware of how important benefits are.

What does the survey ask?

The survey asks about what you think about work and then asks if you have ever claimed Employment and Support Allowance which is the new benefit for people who cannot work due to ill health or disability. The survey then asks questions about Housing Benefit and Disability Living Allowance to find out more about how people use these benefits.

Who can do the survey?

The survey is open to all disabled people. We are asking carers to help promote the survey because any changes to benefits for people with disabilities can also affect carers.

We would like you to
a) ask the person you look after to complete the questionnaire
b) complete the questionnaire on behalf of the person you look after
c) Complete it yourself if you are a carer who is also in receipt of disability benefits.

How long will the survey run for?

The survey will run until 20th October 2010. However, the sooner you reply the better. If we get a lot of responses very quickly we can pass some of this early information onto Government as we try and safeguard key disability benefits.

The link to the survey is:
The questions about work are difficult to fill in correctly if you are not working not because of your disability but because you are a carer yourself even though you also have a disability. You're forced to look like you're lazy if you are not wanting to get a job because you're already too busy being a carer but that isn't an option on the list. Those I care for are too young for many of the questions to apply as they are 13, 10 and 10.