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Help! Hospital carers project

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I think that hospitals are now too geared up for making people better, so elderly people who can't be made better with a new knee/hip/heart etc. are perceived as a nuisance. The role of the old style cottage hospital has gone, I'm convinced that something similar will come back into favour again, then elderly people can be allowed to end their lives in their own communities, with dignity, and friends nearby. When I was in our local hospital, I found it comforting that I had friends and interests in common with some of the other patients, and I knew some of the staff, because our children went to school together etc. The idea that closing local hospitals to support more people in the community seems fundamentally flawed to me, especially for the frail elderly. If they aren't well enough to live alone, the only alternative is an expensive bed in a high tech hospital rather than a "home from home" local hospital.
I dont think it is the wisest move to keep old folks in their own homes. I was left here pushing my average to large father upstairs every night. He fell on me. He must have felt at risk because I am below average size. I had always intended to move to a bungalow at a certain age or when I was unable to manage the stairs. It took months of fighting to get a stair lift. I got told I was preventing my dad's progress by asking for a stair lift. He was 86 what were they expecting? An olympic runner. I also have a daughter with children in a one bed flat originally built for old folks complete with alarms etc she can not get a move because all the old folks are staying on in the houses and flats for families. A bit of common sense and all these problems could be solved. A bit of common decency would solve the way people are treated in hospital. I am looking at places with cottage hospitals specifically.

Little Lamb
Bowlingbun it isn't just elderly people hospitals regard as a nuisance - its the same with my son of 27. We have had a second reply regarding my son's treatment in hospital in September and it is yet another tissue of lies and back covering and you know what I just can't be bothered dealing with this anymore. Its just going to be them changing their story to suit them and its going to be we said they said - so what's the point. My son and husband don't see the point in taking this any further either as we are never going to get anywhere anyway.

Hi Eun

I can see why you would give up and let them get on with their lies but it is never going to get better if they are not told. If you remember we use the same hospital. Southern General. That hospital is bad enough but the Victoria is worse. I am lucky in that I have the ability to more to another area. That is what I can do for mysellf to get away from all the crap but someone has to "kick ass". My favourite phrase just now is mistakes happen but the inability to face up to their mistakes is what causes offence. Lying is the lowest of the low and you can never catch a liar they just tell more lies.

Little Lamb
I can't stand liars either. Sadly I've just discovered another one, this time in SSD. Denies flatly saying something which he most definitely did.