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Please give me a sample of Effective Carers Support Network - Carers UK Forum

Please give me a sample of Effective Carers Support Network

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I am Carer Ambassador for Manchester and I have been asked to recommend samples of effective and well established carers networks existing in the UK or abroad. I will be reporting back on the 23rd of September in a workshop meeting with Manchester carers support Groups, Manchester local authorities, Manchester CCGs and Manchester Hospital trusts. The aim of the exercise is to co-produce a network for carers groups in Manchester for a shared carers agenda and shared action plan. I will dance in rhapsodies if someone can recommend an example of a network so Manchester can learn and develop from or alternatively let me know what you would like to see the carers support network look and function like.

I will particularly need information on:

1. network governance or structure as well as terms of reference,

2. how the network communicates, engages and coordinates their activities within and outside the groups involved, this may include CCGs, NHS, GPs, and anyone who engages with a carer.

3. the process of decision making to benefit all carers in the city or borough.

4. how does the network promote transparent and equitable commissioning and other dealings for carers,

6. how the network coordinates agreements on the content of newsletters, bulletins, events, common training approaches etc. within the carers groups.

Hoping to hear from at your earliest convenience.

I think the Borough of Poole, and Bournemouth Borough Council do pretty well compared to most areas. This is a link to the Poole web site

http://www.poole.gov.uk/health-and-soci ... d-support/

https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j ... ayhHTs_QBA

http://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/AdultSoci ... arers.aspx

They produce a bi monthly newsletter called CRISP with info for carers and as you can see some useful links and info on the council web site .

There is a carers drop in centre for coffee twice a week, a voucher scheme for treats, beach hut to let and lodge for carer breaks.

Not sure this answers many of your points but you might like to get in contact with them.
A good example is Cardiff Carer's centre.

Two main reasons

1. If they don't know something they honestly admit it and say they'll find out and get back (and do).

2. Nobody there has ever started a sentence with 'All you have to do is ........ '. (My pet hate, if I could do it I'd have done it already - as a Carer I don't need advice I need practical help)

Good luck