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Fighting for dignity - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Fighting for dignity

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
I've looked at the survey and the questions aren't really relevant to me or to him. These things are what they are, but they arrive discretely packaged and once here they are put away out of sight in a cupboard.
The sani bin isn't unsightly, nor expensive to use. As with everything, put a 'disability' tag on it and the cost is prohibitive, use something else that works just as well but without the tag and it's very cost effective.
We have a lot of equipment, none of it is disguised so it's obvious what it's for, but our home looks like a home, not a medical centre. We live here after all, so with a little effort (alright, sometimes a lot of effort) you can still have it look like home.

It is hard for the family to get used to and I'm very sorry to hear that not all your family are as supportive as you could have hoped, but sloppiness from the care workers is not something 'you have to get used to'.
Leaving used sanitary products on the side and not emptying bins is unacceptable and a health hazard.
Thanks Myrtle
I'm working with a mentor at the Princes Trust to help me produce a few products which I think will help disabled people and to protect their dignity at the same time but also products that would be in an affordable price range.
It's so unfair prices are so high on products that are really needed
I had a catalogue from Ambrose Wilson, one of their smaller, every so often special offer leaflets. There are two cape type products worth looking at, both relatively inexpensive.
Have you seen The Full Monty or the Chippendales?
Those 'rip off' trousers would be ideal! Image Image Image Image
When Rob was at school I simply bought grey jogging bottoms and unpicked the side seams and replaced them with velcro.

Got some like that too Eun, Image
Works brilliantly, doesn't it Image
Definately need to go for longer length clothes, bare bases of backs are so annoying and can freeze your caree 'to the bone' in the winter (or during summer breezes come to that). I always held clothes up in front of hubby, whilst in the shops, to make sure the sleeves and backs were long enough. Trousers too, take them off the hangars and hold em against your mum's legs, taking in the bend where her legs bend to sit. If jackets, shirts, jumpers and t-shirts didn't come down to mid-way to his knees at the front, then I knew that they'd be too short at the back. Better to have tops which are too long and have plenty to 'tuck in', than risk cold back.
Don't worry about it, take stuff off the hangars, how else will you be able to tell if they fit or not? Holding them up whilst clothes are ON the hangars isn't the same. Nobody's going to challenge you over this, just put them back on the hangars afterwards of course.
I'm 5ft 10in and shop in Long Tall Sally, they have lovely long T shirts (available online). The other company I've found which do longer clothes, online, is called Curvissa, not expensive. Their T shirts are at least 3" longer than average. M&S T shirts are too short by far. Lands End (online) also do a limited range of longer T shirts etc. I love their clothes, and they regularly have great sales, you can get some bargains. I was looking at their offers earlier this evening, really tempting!
Just bumping this up, if anyone would like to do the survey
Thank you all so much for your replies, some good points there. Longer tops are a great idea. It is so unpleasant when tops roll up at the front when they don't fit properly