Educational film controversy

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Have I missed something, have some posts been deleted? Why was this thread locked, it all looked simple and honest enough?
No 1 mum has put an explanation on the thread.
As far as I know nothing has been deleted on the thread Scally.
I am still uncertain what you mean.Are you talking about Care Staff (rather than unpaid Carers)from care agencies, and problems that you have had as a family with care Agencies?

no worries.

For example one person i know could not go into work one morning due to caring responsibilities. This person gets spoken to very badly by managers everytime this happens. This is just one story of many. Most managers/employers of any kind have no ideas of the rights we are entitled to.

Hope this helps Image
I think what Roxanne is talking about is carers who are also working and perhaps having problems at work because of their caring responsibilities?
thanks Image
Ah, well that sounds like a worthy project. Shame about the confusion, it happens sometimes. Lots of carers work, full or part time, and getting time off can be a serious problem. I'm delighted that you have received a grant for this work, and hope you keep us in touch.
Thank you very much! lets hope it can make a difference. Will keep informed how it goes Image