I could use a little advice

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I know that this isn't a place for medical advice, I just want to know what other carers would do in this scenario.

Somewhere between the end of last year and the beginning of this year, my caree fell trying to get in the car onto some loose shingle. I'n my efforts to pick him up, I kicked the bottom edge of the door and my toenail eventually fell off my big toe. In time, a new nail grew back.

Now, my nail has grown to about the same length as it was when I injured it and the same hole has appeared in the bottom of the nail that I had when my other nail came off.

It isn't causing me any pain at all and looks fine apart from the hole. Would you say that I should go see my Dr with it or wait and see what happens?
Go see your doctor. Always best to get things like this checked out.