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Hi all. I am a student social worker and I am currently doing research on the views, experiences, and perspectives of carers. I would be extremely gratefull if anyone could please help me with me research, as I would rather have first hane information as to the experiences carers have, good or bad. I hope you dont mind me writting on your forum. Thank you.
Hello Student78

there is another thread in this section regarding carers views on social workers that you might find quite enlightening Image
Just read the forum - there are about 40,000 posts last I counted, that should keep you going for a bit.
Can I ask why do you want to be a social worker? Image Image Image Image

There are too many things to describe from my experience...I know there are good practice exsist but professionals can face to: thier own serious health matters, too much politics, too many meetings, travelling & paperwork, lack of breaks etc.

I would like to say, please:
* be imaginative - think about what would you do or feel if you were in our situation (client) but do not compare your personal lives to us.
* value the clients' lives - we are human.
* take responsibility for wording and professional stance.
* listen to clients carefully and patiently.
* have an excellent sensibility towards clients.
* be rational.
* do not be authoritarian - we need good advice, guidance and support.
* do not over use of personal opinion - it can be seen as judgement and criticism without proper understanding about clients circumstances & difficulties.
* use clear English and explain properly until clients are understood (no jargons!).
* do not pass on your personal issues to us.
* be consistant.
* deliver good quality of service (not quantity).

Good luck!