This section of our forum was established to deal with the large number of requests that come to Carers UK asking for carers opinions.

At Carers UK we understand how busy and stressful it can be to care for someone, and that even giving up 10 minutes to answer questions is a big ask. Given the number of requests and nature of some of them, we have decided to introduce some new rules about the use of this section.

Student dissertations and doctoral research
I'm afraid due to the number of requests we do not allow students to seek opinions or request survey participants on this forum.

Requests from Universities and Institutes for help with academic research
Please seek permission from Carers UK before posting. We would expect you to be clear about methodology, privacy, relevance to caring, outcomes and what sort of time committment is needed by those taking part.

Requests for survey/research responses from charities and other organisations
Carers UK often carry out our own surveys and we would want to ensure that there is not a conflict of interest and our members are not being asked to reinvent the wheel! Please seek permission from Carers UK first.

All enquiries should be directed to

If you are a carer wanting to know what other forum members think about something, then please use the General Discussion part of the forum.