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cheaper home care

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I am looking to produce a website that would allow a carer to register their profile, so that clients can search for carers (without the need for a care agency). This will drastically bring down the price of home care.

May I ask the people on this forum, who currently use home care services (but are not getting everything they need due to funding issues) would you consider using such a service if carer's profiles could be searched for on this website, and the price of care, comes down to about £10/ hour?
Hi Steven,
the purpose of this forum is for unpaid carers and former unpaid carers to support each other. It is not a place for advertising. Those wishing to engage in research need to seek permission first. Please see the guidance thread in this section of the forum.

Do you care for a family member or friend? If so, you are welcome to join the forum to gain and receive support from fellow carers.

Dear Melly,

my apologies for breaking the rules.

I previously cared for my grandfather, but unfortunately he died a few years ago. I can assure you my reasons for wanting to do this research are very much honourable.

I plan to run a (legally registered/ CIC) social enterprise. I have been reading much in the news about the crisis in the care sector and how there is a funding shortage and a lack of good carers. I think I may have found a solution. It would be to take out the middleman (care agency). That way the carer can work directly for the client, they would get paid better, and the client would get a good service for a much lower cost. Support would be given to the client on how to find and manage a carer and the carer would be given the relevant training, background checks and insurance, to undertake the work.

I wanted to do research into whether this idea is feasible and if it is something that carers and users of home care would want.

Once again, I would not be running this company for a profit. I simply want to find a solution to this crisis in social care and I believe I have found it.

It has been done, some years ago - search for PA Pool.
What I am looking to do is something more in line with a care agency. This site does not show if the pa/carer has a clear DBS, training or Public liability insurance.

Clearly there is a need for this. May I ask if anyone has used this website and if they successfully found a carer that matched their needs?
Steven what you are talking about is paid care workers. Carers are those who do it unpaid such as my husband and I who care 24/7 for our severely disabled son - we are carers they are CARE WORKERS