Who is/was/knows someone working in a nursing home? Help pls

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Hi everyone, I am a nursing student and I have to write an assignment about the staffing challenges of nursing homes. Unfortunately, I have no contact with anybody who is working in a nursing home. I tried to make some phone calls but I kept being ignored because they were all very busy.

Do you know anything about nursing homes?Could you help me out with some of the following questions, please?

1. What do you think is the biggest staffing challenge in nursing homes?

2. How often do nursing homes take on new care assistant staff? Is there a high turnover of care assistant staff?

3. If you are a nursing home manager, what kind of staff do you prefer, regular full time carers or flexible part time carers? May I ask the reason please?

4. What do you look for as an ideal staff member?

Your kind help is much appreciated! Image
Hello Candy.

Carers UK is a charity set up to help the millions of people who look after an older, disabled or seriously ill family member or friend, providing support and advice. Whilst some of us have/had relatives living in a care/nursing home I think that our views regarding the staffing challenges that Care Homes face would be somewhat skewed !

From my personal viewpoint of a daughter whose Mother spent her last 6 months on this earth in a care home I would like to have seen a much bigger ratio of staff to resident with staff being properly and fully trained in dementia care. I would have liked the Care Assistants to have been full time with a low turnover so that there was continuity; I would have liked MY concerns over my Mother's care taken seriously and I would have liked her to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
Many thanks for your help!
The biggest challenge in Nursing Homes is to stop the staff changing over the residents Dayroom TV channel to the 15:35 at Chester so they can see if their own horse came in placed.