Carers' views on social workers sought.

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Thank you so much to everyone who replied to my request. I am closing this post as I have now submitted my work, which was a powerpoint presentation in which I included some views of users of this forum in order to get students thinking. But please don't forget, social workers can be informal carers too. Thanks again.
Thank you so much to everyone who replied to my request. I am closing this post as I have now submitted my work, which was a powerpoint presentation in which I included some views of users of this forum in order to get students thinking. But please don't forget, social workers can be informal carers too. Thanks again
We had a talk one Carers Day from the Head of Social Services, who talked about when he and his wife had been informal Carers for his mother-in-law. He said how marvellous the Team was, when he needed extra support, he phoned in the morning, and they had the support set up by the afternoon!!!!!!I was not the only one to stand up that day and comment on his remark, and how did he manage to get the support, as nobody else could get it that quickly.

It may have been nice if MA student had commented on whether he/she had actually learnt anything from this topic, or if he/she had even felt it has been worthwhile to read what we as Carers are saying. It feels as though we have been dismissed.
Matt, when we are asked for opinions etc. it would be nice if we at least had an opportunuty to see the end result so we can see how we were quoted!

Can Carersuk look at that? as things stand with this section, we really don't know how we are recorded in any of these documents, powerpoints etc. Image
Can anyone in Carersuk check we are not misquoted?

The way things are just now doesn't sit well with me so I've now stopped contributing.
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Dear Marie and LazyDaisy, As I wrote in my original request, no names have been included in my work. Are you aware that what is written on the Carers UK forum is accessible to anyone online and is therefore already in the public domain? You do not have to become a member to view the content, only to post.
Fully aware.
In the last ten months, nobody from Social Services has been in touch to see how my elder son,who has a Learning Disability, is coping, after the sudden death of his brother.As one of our complaints to them involved trying to prove that Insulin dependent diabetes could be fatal if not kept under strict control and I kept being told not to exaggerate, then perhaps they are giving us a wide berth;both my boys had type 1 Diabetes, and the younger one died because of it.If I had not had to fight Social Services constantly for the correct procedures to be followed by Learning Disability staff,(and believe me, I have tons of paperwork from and to them to prove it), then perhaps I would have been able to apply my brain to the needs of my younger son and he would still be alive. I feel very bitter towards them.
There is one person who has been in touch a couple of times;the Learning Disability nurse who became involved after our complaint. She works within the LD multidisciplinary team, but is employed by the NHS, and when our complaint proceeded, it had to be done through two complaints, one NHS, one Social Services, so I have two lots of paperwork for exactly the same complaint. The mess that Social Services made took me two years to sort out, including getting a lie taken off my elder son's medical notes.(oh, and incidentally, when I was able to prove the lie, it was only the NHS who apologised, not Social Services).
Unfortunately, there is still no comment about whether you found the comments useful or whether they are likely to help.

I am having a bad morning this morning, and I don't mean to sound offensive. If the words have come out wrong, I apologise, but this really is exactly how I feel.Along with the tears and exhaustion of grief and long process of mourning, I have to continue to be a 24/7 Carer for my son and my husband.
I haven't been lucky with Social workers either. They did not want to listen to my point of view of my daughter's. I am now refusing to see them and everyone wants me to forget but I can't.
As a result of my now ex-husband's behaviour my children were on the At Risk Register for a while. My experience of their social worker was she did the nearly impossible and found somewhere my Aspergers Syndrome could be diagnosed on the NHS but although she was from Children's Disabilities (because previously Sure Start had requested they fund some day care time for the twins as a form of restbite which social services had started paying for at this time but I found out when I moved that they didn't actually meet the criteria for children's disabilities) she really hadn't got a clue about Aspergers Syndrome and the misunderstandings were constant and continually putting my children at risk of being wrongly taken into care (which would have done them a lot of harm). Also they assumed because I had undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome I must be neglecting the kids (which they later realised was not the case). What I went through felt like a form of abuse and abuse that was legal. I was left fighting (not physically) the social workers as well as my then husband, the children's dad, in an attempt to keep my kids safe and being abuse in one form or another by both my then husband (who was phyisically abusing the kids as well and the social workers were preventing me protecting them properly) and the social workers. After I moved away with my mum' and dad's help the case was closed and they were removed from the At Risk Register. The experience left me terrified of social workers.

More recently I tried to get some help from social services but even though both my twins qualify for higher rate care commponent DLA and lower mobility and my oldest for middle rate care and lower mobility they don't meet the criteria for getting any help. They did not tell me this themselves. My twins' school had to find out for me.
"Carers' views on social workers sought."

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As the originator of this thread has now completed their study, and the consultation is over, I'm locking this thread. If anyone has any comments about their own experiences and needs to let off steam, there's plenty of space on the other parts of the forum! Image