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Just reading these boards would

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:12 am
by susieq
Just reading these boards would give SW students a fair idea of how Social Workers are generally viewed, and of what 'service users' (horrible term) want from the system !

I can't believe I didn't

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:06 pm
by beaglelady
I can't believe I didn't see this post sooner!

Social workers - well don't get me on my soap box!!! I have a very dim view of them due to past experiences. They NEVER get you help in a crisis, always let you down, some of them have been down right rude to me and when you complain about any issue they ALWAYS stick together and back each other up and won't admit when they are wrong.

I asked for help back in November 2009, I care for my mother who has Alzheimers, I had my husband in hospital after having an operation on his knee (he came home and couldn't walk) and to top it all my son was in hospital (not the same one as hubby but 10 miles away!). When I was DESPERATE for help and rang SS what did they do - nothing! It's taken until now - March 2010 for me to get extra help for Mum and I just had to cope on my own looking after hubby and son when they came home. This is just one recent example of my experience with SW, believe me I have plenty more and I could probably write a book!

I shouldn't feel like this about Social Workers - my father was one until he died back in 1974. Probably the stress of the job that killed him! He would turn in his grave if he knew how much difficulty I have had trying to get some help for myself and my mother.

Well you did ask!!


We were only assigned one

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:42 pm
by no1mum
We were only assigned one during the last two weeks of nan's life, the appts made had to be cancelled.

Social Workers

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:27 pm
by cheekipixi
Social Workers arelike if not much worse than any other proffessional.
I have been treated with contempt, I have been victimised,
I have not been listened too, I have been riduculed and demoralised and I have also been put through 3 child protection conferences, I feel so horrible because my children are my life and I would die for all of them. That is how I feel.
My son have many many disabilities, he is scared now of social workers, police, sessional workers and hates being away from me, my other children are older but have felt the need to go it alone and have left home. He is so worried that he will be taken from me, all down to the 10 social workers we have had since 2006. I cannot imagine how my son really feels but I do know he would a lot happier without the involvement of social services, who, I will add, were contacted by myself for help some 8yrs ago. 8 long yrs of me fighting for help to give my son a better future.
I do blame myself, I should never had contacted them in the first place.
I found a solicitor in 2008, who has been wonderful, she has enlisted independant SW, who has done assessments on my family, these have been the opposite of the authorities and has informed me that the protetion issues and assessments have been totally illegal.

social workers are a waste

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:45 pm
by pauljstephens51@hotmail.com
social workers are a waste of time when it comes down to carers or carees, had a appointment with one along with a ot for my partners mental health needs. ot turned up social worker cancelled, didnt tell us no letter or phone call to say sorry or re-arrange. there just are not interested. cant wait to see if one does done my carers assessment, i'd put money on it being done by a cpn or ot not a social worker

No idea what the time

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:35 pm
by nelliejo
No idea what the time limit is on this thread - when you need replies in by!

I approached local SS 11 years ago on advice of the experts at the professionals meeting to diagnose son's autism.
Took 9 calls over the course of 4 weeks to get someone to call me back - whenever I rang I was told the person I needed to speak to was unavailable but they would ring me back. They never did until the 9th call.
I was told they couldn't help me because my son "not disabled enough, he's only got autism" - left me speechless and deeply hurt at a time when I was feeling very vulnerable as still in shock at diagnosis.
When I found out later about carer assessments and rang to ask about how I got one was told I wasn't entitled to one.
I do not have a good opinion of SW - they seem to exist to make life MORE difficult for those already struggling, not better.

Social workers and serices

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:44 am
by cheekipixi
Hi, I thought it was just me but registering here has changed my thoughts entirly with regard to being alone, on the way I have been treated over the yrs by the 'proffessionals', saddens and appauls me greatly, because these are children that nobody seems to want to help and especially by the ones that CAN help. Only a little while ago I sent below to CARERS questions because not only have we as parents of these children had such a hard time with our children but we also have the impossible job of getting, advice, support and believed.

Thank you for your advice, you got back to me very quickly, thank you.
I have already approached my local Authority some 8 yrs ago and for doing so I have been 'dragged' down the protection route 3 times now for having bipolar. It took me 4 yrs to get an assessment completed for being a carer, this was completed Dec 2008, I refused to sign it as it was all wrong, to date I still await this. All their assessments are always wrong. My son is now classed as a LAC child even though I was the one that fought for respite for him for 2 yrs, my son is at the moment having 1 night overstay per month but has been assessed as
having 2 separate respite carers on alternate weekends but this is still 2 overnight stays which is 1 night every other weekend. My son attends a special school in West Kirby (out of county) and I managed to get this for him. He has a proposed statement, which I fought for for 4yrs, I completed and sugned this just before Christmas 2009, they authorities lost the first completed proposed statement and I am still awaiting the final, all in all this has taken 5yrs. My son is not allowed to go to after school clubs (as in cubs, scouts, dancing etc) he has amongst many other disabilities severe behavioural problems for which he is highly medicated but still these clubs refuse to except him and that is with myself or a sessional worker attending with him. Barnardo's have refused to help him, Crossroads have just turned him down, where they were to come into my home and sit with him for 2hrs an evening, once a month to enable me to attend a support group. My son is a brilliant street dancer, self taught but he cannot access this kind of activity and even the group which is run by the authority for disabled children won't accept him as the authority do not see him as disabled, even though the Disability Rights Commission have stated he should most definitely come under the category of 'Disabled'. We as a family have been subjected to the most horrific abuse from neighbouring children and their parents because my son is different and even Social Services, the police, NHS services etc have mentally abused and neglected him and us as a family. Trying to get some sort of justice up to now has been impossible and the abuse continues.
I do apologise for this rant, just a low day today.
Thank you anyway for your advise and thank you to all carers support for the priceless presents as without their support I know I wouldn't be here today to carry on the fight for a better future for my son.
All the best
Kim Bell[/i]

When I found out later

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:10 pm
by Matt Hill
When I found out later about carer assessments and rang to ask about how I got one was told I wasn't entitled to one.
The eligibility for a carers assessment is very broad. I don;t know your circunstances but it seems very possible they are acting illegally in refusing you an assessment over the phone. The fact they have not assessed your son as not being severely disabled "enough" to need help, doesn;t mean you are not in need as a carer.

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Hel ... smentguide

The law says you have a right to an assessment if care for someone for 'a substantial amount of time on a regular basis'. The relevant legislation here is the Carers (Recognition & Services) Act 1995 and the Carers & Disabled Children Act 2000.

Sadly, not all professionals are aware of carers' right to an assessment and some carers are wrongly told that they are not entitled to one. If this happens to you and you believe you are entitled to an assessment, you should put your request in writing and ask why they are refusing you an assessment.

Hi Matt, appreciate the info, only

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:04 pm
by nelliejo
Hi Matt,
appreciate the info, only wish I knew about CUK 9 years ago Image
unfortunately I'm even LESS likely to get an assessment done now than I was then. Eldest son now 16 and has just heard he has a place on an extended-learning college course so my caring hours will be reduced from September.
I needed the help when the boys were small and had the challenging behaviour, etc. I spent years on waiting list for Crossroads but never made it to the top either Image
Used to feel very bitter that never had any help from anyone (their father, my family, professionals, charities, etc) and did everything myself with no input from anyone except 20mins at CAMHS twice a year.
Now I look at my kids and think - I got them to this stage - this is MY success and mine alone, and I'm very proud of that. Knackered, but proud Image Image
Once he's settled in to college I'll be haunting you for info on getting back to work though so you have been warned Image Image

I'm sure others will relate

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:19 pm
by Matt Hill
I'm sure others will relate to that - knackered but proud! Maybe we should have it on some T shirts. Image

Look forward to you coming back and haunting us in September Image Image