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carers respite

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Hi all
If i can have a couple of minutes of your time to let me know what you would like from a carers respite break.
any suggestions will be greatfully received
Many thanks
Hi there, I'd like time to sit down, chill out, go shopping and have my dinner made for me!
marie x
All of the above, and no charge Image
I'd like to get right away from the 'caring' for a whole week without having to worry about what is happening at home and have a proper holiday somewhere far, far away. Two weeks would be even better Image Image Image Image Image
Seeing as any travel usually does my caree in for a couple of days, what I'd really like is a fortnight of respite.

I'd like him to be there too, but with somebody else doing all the chores and caring. The place would also need to have accessible public transport (or be within a v short step-free walk of facilities & shops) so that just for once we could have a taste of normal life.

It'd need to be somewhere I could get to without needing to drive.
I would ideally like a break where someone comes to stay at my house for a week or two as my Mum will not go to a home (so I can't currently have respite). Obviously I would like it to be free aswell Image I would also like it to be guaranteed that I had this service say 2 or 3 times a year and the dates booked in advance so that I can pre-arrange a break for myself.

Ahhhh to dream Image
time away from here to be with my friend while I still have one. care would have to come to the house mum cant go to it.
A break, once a year with my husband. He is disabled, and there is no way really that we could have a break with respite, so I would be satisfied to know that my other caree, my elder son, could be safely looked after for one week, WITHOUT me being on call. I would also like the respite support for my son to be free, instead of him having to give up all his income, as at present.

Of course, it is all a dream, we are not likely to be able to get anything like this, without paying, and without a fight to get the respite care in place.

Like Catja, I would like to be somewhere that I would not need to drive; good public transport would be useful.