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Help us campaign. Survey on benefits - Carers UK Forum

Help us campaign. Survey on benefits

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Benefits Survey

Carers UK is part of the Disability Benefits Consortium. Together with other organsiations we are doing a survey to find out people's experiences of the current benefits system, particularly around the medical assessments on Employment Support Allowance. We are going to use the information we get from the survey to help the Government better understand the impact changes to benefits like Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance and Local Housing Allowance will have on disabled people. We will also use the information to make people more aware of how important benefits are.

What does the survey ask?

The survey asks about what you think about work and then asks if you have ever claimed Employment and Support Allowance which is the new benefit for people who cannot work due to ill health or disability. The survey then asks questions about Housing Benefit and Disability Living Allowance to find out more about how people use these benefits.

Who can do the survey?

The survey is open to all disabled people. We are asking carers to help promote the survey because any changes to benefits for people with disabilities can also affect carers.

We would like you to
a) ask the person you look after to complete the questionnaire
b) complete the questionnaire on behalf of the person you look after
c) Complete it yourself if you are a carer who is also in receipt of disability benefits.

How long will the survey run for?

The survey will run until 20th October 2010. However, the sooner you reply the better. If we get a lot of responses very quickly we can pass some of this early information onto Government as we try and safeguard key disability benefits.

The link to the survey is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/dbcsurvey
Have filled in the form but aren't you just doing the governments dirty work for them?


Trying to find out if people are using their DLA for food and other essentials is hardly helping the government, Eun. Far from it.
A lot of the form is to do with work and wanting to know exactly how you spend your DLA - if that is not to help the government's agenda I don't know what else is.

I suggest you have a proper look at it Eun.

It's asking questions the government wouldn't - like do you need support from someone else to be able to work? Do you spend your DLA on food?
I read the forms as how, if at all, you are able to work and the impact that any reduction in DLA would have on your life, as in being able to afford to live.
The sort of thing the government doesn't seem to consider. Image
copied over ................
Thanks for the survey about disabilty benefit. I am a carer who is in receipt of Incapacity Benefit due to the stresses of being a carer which has caused advanced Irritable Bowel Syndrome.However when i am due for the next medical i do NOT expect to pass the stringent and limited and biased test for ESA so i will be happy to update you when i am next up for review.However ATOS are so behind that no one knows when that will be
i have done it just hope it does some good..
I think I did this survey for the Downs Association or Mencap last week. Can anyone tell me if it is the same one?I can't keep up sometimes!
E.S.A. I.B. D.L.A. L.H.A. = No questions re carers allowance as a carers organisation thought we may have such a question, such as who can / cannot receive the C.A, the level of carers allowance do you have to also claim other benfits to survive ..
the list of ilness`s if the old doll was to fill out such a questionaire she could have only claimed 1 "illness" yet she is 100 % war disabled ..
your status re work no section for retired or retired early due to illness, or that you "work"
as a carer even though you are disabled.
they should have asked was your illness due to an industrial injury , war related , or accident , or old age ,
how do you use D.L.A. do you use it to support your carer .
housing benefit they should have been asked does the H.B. cover "your" share of the rent if you have a joint tennancy , the old doll receives full H.B. and council tax benefit , but as her carer and joint tennant i PAY MY SHARE OF THE RENT she gets benefit for her share only...

this questionaire will be of more value to Mr Osborne then any carers / disability group...