carers living in the Gwynedd area and Shropshire area.

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Thanks for your replies Paul and Dee! It's greatly appreciated! Image
Helen - I forgot to mention the wonderful help we got from the local branch of Crossroads when I was a full-time carer for Dad. For the last six months Dad was at home before his final hospital admission, they sent a lady round for three hours every Wednesday afternoon and I was able to get out and have a real break, even if it was only walking around the local shopping centre, reassured by the knowledge that Dad was safe and happy in the company of someone he got on with and who was taking good care of him. It also gave Dad some vital contact with the outside world at a time he was becoming increasingly housebound, a real cross to bear for someone as sociable as him. I couldn't put a price on that service and I honestly believe it stopped me from cracking up.

Best wishes