Can you help Carers UK - mental capacity

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Are you a carer (or recently cared) for

* An adult with a profound learning disability
* An adult with a mental illness who sometimes lacks mental capacity to make important decisions
* An older adult with dementia
* An adult with an acquired learning disability as a result of a brain injury

If so, we need your help.

We will soon be preparing a guide for carers about what to expect from health and social care professionals if the person you look after is unable to make decisions about treatment or care for themselves. We want to make sure that we deal with the issues that are important to carers.

Please only complete this survey if the person you look after lacks the mental capacity to make decisions about their health and care needs. E.g. to consent to treatment, to decide where to live, to decide what service provision s/he would like or to manage direct payments (even with a lot of help)

Closing date for the survey is Thursday September 23rd ... citysurvey
I think that survey is probably just about English Law, not Scottish, could you clarify please Matt? And how do you define an adult?
Well spotted Rob - I was under the impression it was UK but I've checked and this law only applies to England and Wales. I'll make sure it's amended.

In this context "Adult" is anyone over 18.
done it