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BBC Request for help - Carers UK Forum

BBC Request for help

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
Good morning.

I'm a BBC Correspondent working on TV coverage of the debate on the future of social care. We're doing regular stories at the moment about the issue and would like to speak to more people who are overseeing the care of relatives.

We're looking for anyone with experience of paying for social care -- outside NHS Continuing Care. Perhaps you are having to spend your savings, or those of your relative. Or you've sold property.

If you qualify for funding, we'd like to know how easy it was to apply, and how good the standard of care is, either at home or in residential care.

This is a good moment to get your views across, as politicians grapple with their strategies for providing future care.

You can call me on 07850 726 370 or email me at tom (DOT) symonds (AT) bbc (DOT) co (DOT) uk

Thanks for your time.
I have had lengthy chat with me new best mate TOM had him crying over his notes ...
anyone else had a chat with him ????????

Does all this stuff just apply to England rather than us Scots?

Best part of it === wee GORDON wants to remove the disability allowances from the over 65`s, for the natinal care service, thats abbout £280 per month for us idiots in England not sure about Wales and N. I anywho is it right that Gordon Brown P.M. and Scottish M.P. will put forward a bill that will affect those of us in England but not his own constituents - how would his own constituents feel if they were to lose their cash disability benefits if his own constituents get " free care " now he should arrange for all to have free care , did he not say just last month he wanted a fair society for the many and not just the few does not include the many in England but does include the few in Scotland ...
I understand how you feel - how do you think we Scots felt when the hated Poll Tax was foisted on to us a year before it was tried elsewhere? How do think we feel having policies foisted on us by a government we didn't vote for (both Conservative and now Labour)? Image

Eun, I think the worst of it is that the government seems to have forgotten that while the "national" care service would apply only to England, the changes to social security benefits would almost certainly have to apply across the whole of the UK.

I can't see that going down well in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland...

They joys of devolution, eh? Image
I have had lengthy chat with me new best mate TOM had him crying over his notes ...
anyone else had a chat with him ????????
Rather than jump to a wrong conclusion, are you saying your mate's chat with Tom Symonds ('BBC Transport correspondent') left your mate really upset?

If anyone is thinking of doing this,go ahead. Tom is very nice and wants your opinions about social care funding,future of care and how it will possibly affect you.He is BBC UK Affairs Correspondent.
I agree with Rosemary - he's even interested in our situation although we are definitely self funding; he was especially interested to learn how much of a lump sum you have to put into an Immediate Needs Annuity to fund any kind of a decent Care Home compared to the sums being bandied about by Labour and the Conservatives.

Rosemary do you know when any of the stories are likely to be aired ? I forgot to ask him, although I think it will be before the election as he sees this as a major factor in the forthcoming election.
From what we discussed I think it is all to tie in with the release of the White Paper for Social Care which they are expecting next week,gathering as many views/stories from carers as possible.
I said the White Paper was too important to be overshadowed by Budget day and/or any election date announcement. Time will tell what govt do Image Image