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Any problems with GP's ??? - Carers UK Forum

Any problems with GP's ???

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well.

I have been in contact with our local PCT and received word back from the Head of Patient, Carer and Public Involvement in which she has requested a meeting to discuss the issues I raised.Although I have plenty information about our local GP surgeries and their ( non )relationships with carers,I was wondering what it is like around the rest of the country.

Do you have positive/negative experiences of GP's.
Do they understand your caring role and give you support accordingly?
Is it difficult to get an appointment to a time suitable for yourself?
Do they advise on other avenues of support.

Look forward to reading your comments.

x x x
Well I am not impressed with mine I don`t get a flu jab although I am registered with them as a carer, mine has also told me that if I have an emergency with my wife if I called him he would just tell me to phone the phychiatric emergency number, about as much good as chocolate fireguard.
We've been with the same GP's practice for 38 years now but it's recently been taken over and there have been a few problems.

Prescriptions - for some reason they won't give Mum more than a month at a time even though she only has bp tablets and two lots of eye drops for her glaucoma (it's not like we're going to sell them on Ebay!) so it means a monthly trip up to the surgery which is where we used to live about 5 miles away - not far but if Mum's not great then it's a bind although the pharmacist next door does to a prescription delivery service which we haven't tried as yet. The other thing is you can only ring between certain times of the day for prescriptions and it takes 48 hours for it to be ready for collection.

Caring - I get no extra help or support, we're still waiting for our flu jabs (which I had to ask for!), carers get theirs last so the district nurse SHOULD be coming out anytime now to give us both our jabs.

Appointments - I've never had a problem getting an appointment to suit either of us and when Mum was ill a few months ago we did actually get a home visit which I didn't think happened anymore and the doctor was very good with Mum.

GP - as it's a practice if you don't specify who you want then it's pot luck but our nominated GP is female and very good with Mum.

Surgery - it's a bugger to get the wheelchair in, the waiting room has a ramp but the door to get to the actually surgeries opens outwards so that can be a bit of a nightmare!

Hope this helps Rosemary!

Paula xx
Mine is not understanding at all. Although they get you to fill in a form saying that you are a carer, it does not make any difference at all. No support and no advise has ever been given.

Once he came round to give hubby his flu vaccine and told me to go to the surgery, if there were any left over.

He was so nasty to me once that since then I have not been back, that was 3 years ago.