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Action For Me (this survey now closed) NEW UPDATE - Carers UK Forum

Action For Me (this survey now closed) NEW UPDATE

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
I am a registered carer for my sister who has Down Syndrome, Autism and is registered deaf and blind. As you will be aware Carers and those cared for often find many struggles within society and are treated very unfairly in many aspects society.

I am also a performer and i have been inspired to create a performance piece for carers in my region which i hope to be able to expand nationally one day.

I have applied to the Arts Council, England for funding to undertake a performance project for carers which through the performance will challenge perceptions and educate society in regards to carers rights.

The Arts Council are asking for more information in regards to how the project could make a positive influence on people who care for some ones life.

The project is looking very promising but they will not take the application any further, unless I can give them this evidence.

I am trying to circulate a online survey to ask if people could spare 2 minutes to complete it for me please. If you could that would be wonderful!


I am based in South Yorkshire and if we get enough carers responses anyone one is more than welcome to be involved in the project.

Many thanks for your time!
Thank you everyone for all your help so far!! Image
Hi everyone,

Just a quickie to let you know the great news that the funding for Action For Us as been secured by the art council and lottery funding wahoo!!

I will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can get people involved etc!!

Thanks all for your help,

Roxanne Image x
Great news. Thanks for the update.
Survey's closed, it says, when I clicked on it.
the survey had to be closed in to send in the results to the arts council, thanks though Image
I've marked the topic title as being closed to prevent others having the same issue, NanaNana and Roxanne.

Congratulations on securing the funding. I hope it all goes well and makes a difference to people's perceptions and attitudes.

great thanks Charles.

Thanks for your words of support, i really hope we can make a difference Image
Here is a facebook page created which will contain updates also if you wish to click like!


I will also aim to update on here also Image x