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University student researching caregivers. - Carers UK Forum

University student researching caregivers.

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Hi everyone,
I am a university student researching care givers and the problems which they encounter on a day to day basis. It would be highly appreciated if you could share some of your experiences with me and also suggest how technology can help you as a carer with your daily tasks when caring.

Thank you so much

My son is at university which is why I clicked on your post!

If I can help you I will, (sounds like I am a carer!!) For me the unpredicatability of being a carer for someone who suffers from mental health issues is the biggest thing. I am sure that everyone has different problems and that is why it is so difficult for carers to be helped .

This site is quite useful, but sometimes its upsetting that everyone is struggling to cope as a carer.

Mobile phone has given my daughter and I a life source I am not sure I would feel confident letting her out of my sight otherwise so this is a positive.

I will give other aspects a thought and get back to you


Thank you so much for all the responses i have received so far.

To expand on this subject, technology can be everything from computers, websites such as discussion boards, mobiles and assistive/telecare technology. My project focuses on the use of ICT for elderly carers above the age of 65.

I would like to come up with an IT solution tailored to meet the needs of carers, and this requires me to find out their needs and any problems which they encounter on a day to day basis.

My project title is:
The use of ICT to support carers and to help them lead normal lives whilst still carrying out their role of caring for somebody who is ill or disabled.

Has anyone adopted new technology in the home to help them with caring for someone. I have researched Tunstal Group which provide telecare products such as telecare sensors around the home, or a wanderer alarm for people with dementia and a fall detector for older people.

Some of the telecare solutions i have found to be inadequate for example personal triggers are located around the house , where in emergencies the care receiver has be unable to reach the pull cord.

Personal triggers which can be worn around the neck are sometimes the better solution, although sometimes the person can become irritated with wearing this all the time.

All these solutions can be helpful to the ccare receiver, however i am trying to find something which is directly beneficial to the carer. Does anyone have any ideas?