As well as being a carer my self, I am a disabled artist living and working in the North east of England. At the moment I am working on two big art projects. The theme is to highlight the important work that carers and support worker do in the community. The first is to produce an iconic piece of permanent sculpture on this theme. Secondly because the problems that carers face is a national issue, I intend to produce a national touring exhibition. My intension is to give Carers and support workers a huge visual presents as well as boosting the voice of carers in the community.

The project will be funded by various grants that are available for such projects.
And a management company has been appointed to handle the funding applications and all contractual matters.

In order to do this project I need the help of other carers & support workers. In order to do these art projects I need the help of as many carers as we can get. Not only do we need your support but we need to do some research into the kind of experiences and problems that carers go through on a daily basis.

If anyone is interested in this project and want to get involved please PM me for details.

Paul Thompson