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A Little Research to Help Carers!! - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

A Little Research to Help Carers!!

Take part in research or give your opinion in a survey.
This seems to be a wide ranging enterprise in that carers generally do not fit the same mould, either in terms of knowledge or personal ability. A great many of us look after those whose symptoms gradually worsen so we learn as we go along (which must be the case with carers of those with dementia). In the case of a child, with for example Down's Syndrome, from experience with my small granddaughter that was also a learning curve. When she developed leukaemia the hospital doctors and nurses were extremely thorough in giving my daughter instruction regarding the feeding tube, medication, etc. etc. before she was allowed home. Of course there are some who knowingly take on the care of someone who has serious mobility problems, or an accident might present an immediate and unplanned for emergency - they would obviously benefit from instruction, but for a lot of carers instruction in how to cover all eventualities would not be necessary. It would depend on location as well, I imagine, as we find the local District Nurses extremely helpful.
Thank you all for taking your valuable time writing comments. I do appreciate that every care setting and every caree has different needs and the carer has a plethora of different tasks to do.

Personal Care is only one aspect of a carers function and it is the only aspect I am focusing on this current time, because current statistics show a huge amount of caree's end up back in hospital due to "incidents" around personal care and people moving and also there are huge risks to carers with moving and handling and infection control that can also result in the carer's health being affected. To get the necessary marketing and funding departments and organisations involved, I have to first highlight a generic problem then find a solution.

However, if this is successful and works then it may be possible to come up with other "courses" like stoma care etc. at that time, I will look at the next set of statistics regarding caree's and carer's well being and try to implement something else.

From your comments we have also thought of including a help-line which people can contact after the have been on the courses. Although I would love to be able to help everyone this is very much the start of something I hope will develop into something to help everyone.