2011 Documentary on young carers

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I am a film maker studying at the University of Portsmouth. For my final year peice i am making a documentary following a young carer looking after a parent focusing on the trials and tribulations they face.

From your experience, can you give me an insite to what young carers go through socially, emotionally, etc... also any hurdles they face while growing up with such a responsibility. Also, if you are a young carer that would be interested in telling your story i would love to hear from you!

Thank you very much,

Ben Chappell
it maybe better if you go through carers uk to do this
Firstly, I think that by predetermining the focus you may not be giving a true picture of the life of a young carer and secondly, I think that Paul is right, this is not really a forum for young carers unless you define them as young adult carers, it would probably be better if you were to approach the carers centre for your area who would be more able to help you but you will have to expect to be vetted first if they are able to assist.