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Q&A for our helpline experts - Carers UK Forum

Q&A for our helpline experts

Carers UK staff will post regularly here to share our work and invite discussion. Also you can post questions for our expert panel to answer on Carers Rights Day - 25 November
We are holding a special Q&A for forum members this Carers Rights Day - 25 November.

In the run up to the event you can post your questions for our panel below, by end of 23 November.

We will post replies here, PLUS you are invited to attend the Q&A session, 19:30-20:30 on 25 November.

You can book here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/registe ... ZajG_o5w47, OR we will post the video if you weren't able to make it on the evening.

We look forward to seeing all your questions!


An issue that crops up regularly is "Can mum/dad pay me for looking after them?"
bowlingbun wrote:
Wed Nov 10, 2021 4:46 pm
An issue that crops up regularly is "Can mum/dad pay me for looking after them?"
Great idea, thanks! Will ensure we include some tips on direct payments and personal budgets
I was thinking of elderly parents with over the £23,000 savings limit, so not entitled to SSD support.
Thanks for this question bowlingbun, which has also come up at our Care for a Cuppa sessions which are held every Monday on Zoom. www.carersuk.org/cuppa .

One of our Helpline advisers will respond to this on 25 November.

Some of our members will be posting in the Forum for the first time in the next couple of weeks and it's great that you and our other highly experienced Forum users are also contributing to this Forum Focus section. Your milestone of posting over 26,000 messages of support since 2007 was mentioned at our Members' Conference in October!

Wishing you well

Someone this afternoon has asked about Housing Benefit for people caring for a disabled relative.

Maybe add that to the list?

I'd like CUK to start an Action Fund to fight the most blatant examples of LA refusing to provide services.
Thanks to everyone who has posted a question or comment in the forum today, our first day of Forum Focus.

We hope to receive more questions tomorrow and on each week day leading up to Carers Rights Day (25 November) Carers UK staff will be be posting about different areas of our work and providing links to information on our website.

Wishing you all well this evening

Currently not seen my mum 4 weeks due to staff catching covid it is now open for half hour appointments pod visits but lift has broken down has been for 2 weeks have emailed asking how long until repaired
Can you advise as to whether there is funding help for Carers with funeral costs in the Borough of Enfield please?
I've a question about indirect discrimination against carers.
Following two refusals for a bank account with Virgin Money, as a direct result of my circumstances as a carer, I was directed to an organisation who look into discrimination. As the scenario did not fit any of the 9 characteristics they refused to offer any help or support.
I asked the ombudsman service to investigate but they just brushed it under the carpet. Told bank to make me a payment for poor customer service but declared bank had done no wrong as they followed their own procedures.
It is down to the processes and procedures that carers are being discriminated against.

I am keen to persuade Virgin Money they can do better in their treatment of carers - any advice on how to influence a large banking institution would be much appreciated.