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covid booster jab

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i have had a cold and flu like symptons for 3 weeks , my dr said i have a stinking cold all though coughing through the night every night ,i spoke to my dr yesterday again who has now put me onto antibotics for chest infection ,i am doinging covid test every 3 days results are neg ..
i explained to my dr that i was booked in for a covid booster jab her advice was if no high temp and no postive result on covid test was to go ahead with covid booster and too advise the vaccine centre i am on antobotics for chest infection and my dr said it was ok to have covid booster ..
the vaccine centre was not happy in giving me a covid booster jab due to the antibotics i am on all though only started them yesterday ,, the covid vaccine centre stated that dr surgery is not a expert on vaccines !
i have contacted my dr surgery to advise what they have said and waiting for call back

Evening Dean

How frustrating I guess the G.P. and vaccine centres have different criteria. I don't think G.P. have any powers over the centres.

I've done a google search ...

https://www.blf.org.uk/support-for-you/ ... us-vaccine
Have a read.
Hello Dean,
Hope you get better soon.
I don't think you should have the covid jab till you are feeling well again. The trouble is that a few people (me included) can get a severe reaction to the covid jab. I had covid in the January and was very ill. Then in the March when I had the first covid vaccine- 9 hours later- I had severe vomiting and headache for 24 hours plus fatigue. Interestingly, when I had the 2nd covid jab I was fine!
I haven't had the booster jab yet as my last jab was in July.
I'm due my jab on Monday but also have a dreadful cold, I'm going to rearrange it. After a dental infection, antibiotics and extraction in October, then another extraction this month, I'm very run down, hence the cold. I need time to recover before the jab.
i have still got cold flu like bug that is going around apart from covid in which i am testing every 3 days and all are negitive .. when i had my flu jab i did contact surgery about flu jab there advise was its ok providing its only a cold so i had my flu jab it didnt seem to make me any worse .. then after 3 weeks my dr put me on antibotics for chest infection . my dr said it was ok to have booster jab as long covid test was ok and no high temp ,, so i had covid booster but the nurseing team didnt want to give it due to the antibotics but they did in the end the only side effect i had was a sore arm ,
at the moment i have got problems with my ears i cant hear propely and they are painfull my dr told me to go to specsavers for them to look at my ears the appointment has been cancelled twice by them due to my cold . so this is the new normal ?
cant get help due to cold ..
Sorry you still feeling poorly, Dean.

Yes it does unfortunately seem to be the new normal.

Nothing seems straightforward, easy or reliable at the moment, does it.

i spoke to my dr again yesterday 4 th time in 4 weeks of having this bug i have been put on 3 lots of antibotics in less than 2 months i am doing lateral flow test every 3 days as my dr knows now she said a lateral flow test wont pick up covid if you have a cold , but covid is reported to be a cold like flu bug dont make sense to me ??