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Why does it seem that carers are being totally ignored? - Carers UK Forum

Why does it seem that carers are being totally ignored?

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
So, we're now weeks into COVID-19, the government has announced a lot for supporting people, etc... but (and some of this is my personal situation)

I'm a full-time carer for a disabled family member, I live on Income Support and Carers Allowance... because of their vulnerability (and to a lesser extent, mine) we're isolating together... meaning my caring role has gone from hours a day, to 24x7 ... not a problem, luckily we get along... but, I'm now doing more caring than ever.

If I were unemployed, or in UC and caring, I'd be seeing an extra £1000 this year... in Income support, it appears I wont;

If I had a part-time job to supplement my UC/Income Support ... I wouldn't be eligible to claim for furlough - in my case, I didn't, but I could be out of pocked £4-500/mo because of it... on top of increased caring

So, financially, it's pretty grim as a carer... fine.

The government has announced it needed 500,000 volunteers to help the vulnerable/elderly/etc.. but, because I am self isolating along with the person I care for, she is considered to not need any external support ... sounds good, but digging deeper... I'm self isolating to ensure I can provide care with as little social contact as possible, I have to shop / etc.. exactly the same as everyone else however, because neither of us can access the care that the government recommends for those self isolating... and it appears to be a lottery... I have a friend with COPD & Heart condition... he automatically got medication delivered at the moment, even though his wife and the rest of the household aren't in a vulnerable group... in my case, I had to go to the doctors surgery, pick up a 3 month prescription, take it to the pharmacy and will get a call monthly when it's ready to collect...

Since this began, we've managed to get a delivery slot with Ocado (so expensive), a £35 box from Morrisons (branded products, would last a single person 3-4 days probably?), and a click and collect from Morrisons (which in fairness, was fantastic) ... Asked the Ocado driver how to register as vulnerable for priorty ... didn't know said call the # on the invoice (there wasn't one), asked the person doing click + collect from Morrisons ... not sure... sent an email to Morrisons via their site... reply was they are still waiting for a list from the UK Govt for whom to consider vulnerable... these slots I've gotten are all with almost daily checking across ASDA / Tesco / Morrisons / Ocado / Sainsbury's

The new Carers' card should alleviate some of this surely? ... I mean, I'm a carer, if I can identify myself as such, then right? .. nope... best I can hope for is a local scheme card from my local carers association..., or to take a copy of my DWP Carers' allowance letter and my drivers license with me, and spend 10 minutes explaining.

Someone please explain to me, why, any of us are actually carers... I mean, I could work full-time, earn a decent(ish) wage doing so... and let the local council foot the care bill... not worry about self isolating.. and still do the 50% that the council wouldn't do as part of their 'comprehensive care plan' they'd provide.

I certainly don't feel what I do makes any sense any more... All carers have spent years being ignored by the government, providing an essential service that would cost I suspect billions if we all just refused and put the burden on social services...

Now during a national crisis, where the government has identified the most vulnerable, it has in every measure it has taken, completely and utterly failed to consider how those who are providing the most comprehensive in-home care to people - those who spend 35+ hours/week providing care for someone - are being entirely ignored by the systems in place.
It's because you are able to access some benefits. So that's the end of the Governments responsibility to you.

Your post fit's well on another long running post.

Perhaps the Moderators know the one I am referring too.

Agree. We are all feeling this.

I have already told social worker I am out of this caring when pandemic over...I have cited lack of breaks, support etc as the reason.

I've told my hubby too.

I have been feeling this for a while.
Why does it seem Carers are being ignored?

Pretty simple I think. The Gvt, especially Johnsons crew and the past 10 year cabal, know that we would never willingly? up sticks and give up Caring for our Loved Ones.

The Gvt takes advantage of this and know, they can direct little or no resources our way and we to them, we are a very easy touch.

It's a crying shame that it is this way, though in a way we are victims of our own success & love for others.

I hope it does change in the near future given what's occurring at the moment. However I would not hold your breath.
It is a shame ..

I heard last night on TV that the government expect to spend 400 billion due to pandemic.

Carers save the government 132 billion a year I think I have read??

No wonder the government ignore us..there is no way they would want to address the financial eniquality of carers.
I think the saving to The Gvt/Nhs, is in the order of 130 odd billion, if perhaps a tad on the conservative side.

Can you imagine the difference if a fraction of that was spent on Social Care/Care in the community/Carers in care homes and yes, Carers in the home setting, Us, to help ourselves, to help those we care fore?

But no, this Gvt in particular (previous Gvts are guilty to a lesser extent) until the Pandemic struck, were hell bent on starving Health services across the board.

Things have had to change on finances for The NHS (ie writing off debt) and the firefighting of the Virus. Though even in the midst of the Virus, un paided Carers don't even feature on the Gvts Radar, just the odd pat on the back.

I note with interest the slightly differing approach of The Welsh & Scottish Gvts.
Yes, they are hugely constrained by what's doled out by Westminster, though the Welsh are on the verge of handing out cash, one off bonuses to those in the paid Carers setting & looking at what to do for un paid Carers. In Scotland they are looking at replicating what's occurring in Wales, plus as you may know, they have a twice yearly supplement to CA.

Please don't misinterpret me, it's not all about money, though by doing as the devolved administrations have done, it shows in actuality, they actually care and value un paid Carers.

Meanwhile here, it's just the same old story. Well done, carry on, we pay tribute to you, have a pat on the back, perhaps even a badge. It's pathetic, patronising and sometimes dis heartening. We deserve better, however we are stuck with Johnson and crew, Ho Hum.
Unpaid carers continue to be totally invisible.
We need their position really pushed forward now.
How many students and pensioners are there who don't EVER qualify for a penny extra.
I know many pensioners who still have someone with learning difficulties living at home still, not what they want, but there is no alternative placement for the child.
The parents are really struggling, desperately need the breaks day services give them to get some peace and quiet.
Caring for an adult physically in the prime of life, larger and stronger than them, but with a preschool mental age, is tough, very tough. They can just about manage with day services help, but with no day service, they get no break at all.
All my friends in this position have developed serious health conditions, including strokes and heart attacks. One can't drive any more due to eye deterioration.
I see that unpaid carers are now classed as essential workers and can access Covid tests ..

Essential workers yet no pay..its a farce
Cloudygal wrote:
Tue May 05, 2020 11:52 pm
I see that unpaid carers are now classed as essential workers and can access Covid tests ..
Only if you live in England it would seem. I'm currently trying to find out if the Welsh government will follow suit and add unpaid carers to their list of key workers.
Yes, it's right! 'informal carers' are allowed to book a test..if they are showing symptoms. Proving we must be considered essential workers but remain without a wage, for our working duties and of course, this includes assisting recognised paid staff to do a job, more than a lot, aren't doing either present or past.
It doesn't just seem we are being ignored...it's more of a fact than anything else.