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When are GP Surgeries re-opening? - Carers UK Forum

When are GP Surgeries re-opening?

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
Both my Mum's GP Surgery and my own Surgery (seperate ones) are closed during this pandemic (don't know if that's right across the board?) the only contact is over the phone. Where issues are mounting up as they're becoming urgent, however much I have tried speaking to the GP Practice Managers, they aren't interested in being too busy.

Surely 'normal' service should be resuming soon...? But get this; my own GP stated that when they do re-open, they'll prioritize patients with Covid symptoms.
i cannot speak for everyone but our dr surgery is closed to people with Covid symptoms as covid has alot of symptons even a cold so it does not help if you have under health conditions as well if you have symptons of covid 19 , i spoke to our dr yesterday as i have been on antibotics since xmas due to a lunge disorder and i have a stinky cold plus ear / chest infection they wont see me not even with a ffp3 mask on so for us its only phone advice
The more surgery centers are opening now. Of course, those with Covid 19 have major priority, but there is no problem anymore to have an operation.
Will they ever open again? Covid has changed the way many people operate now.
Working from home will become the new norm for many, so
doctors may take this new way of ta;lking to patients without seeing many of them
as the new norm for them too.
Even before covid our doctors only wished to talk to you on the phone..
Even if we try to be positive minded, and look towards the pandemic itself being contained (properly) within 12-18 months, with a vaccine that either prevents or severely dampens the effects of the virus with only a very small percentage shortfall, whats to be realised is it will of had a ripple effect lasting years through out the health of the public who rely on the NHS and cannot go private - surprise yet again it will be those most vulnerable who come off worse for wear (and their carers)

You have the backlog of those with diagnosis of existing conditions

Those who were in the process of receiving diagnosis and/or treatment

Then those who "find things", like us men get alot of stick for being pro active enough about getting our bits checked when we have suspicions or find something (front and rear). Not your humble respondent of course I intend to see how quickly I can make the medical staff blush should my turn come but you get the idea. We're bad at it.

And there are many things which have those early warning signs which you can't do over the phone.. we already had a habit of patients being fobbed off before this.

On a side note.. our nearest hospital apparently just discharged their last case of covid for the moment, but people are still having their appointments postponed until next year and don't even get me started on the state of things locally
i believe the one in my town remained open through out , but you have to call in advance ...
they then get the practice nurse to call back , stating if you need to attend an appointment or not , then you have to call back and talk to the receptionist and make an appointment.

Mum had to see a nurse for bloods , she needed her injection for her brittle bones .
and they wont give her the injection until they have taken bloods , they were objecting at first to help her out.
until she was able to talk to the practice nurse , who said it was actually her doing that injection this time ,, and told the receptionist to book an appointment for bloods.

the second time , mum was told "" a dr will call back in 3 - 4 hours "" . we heard nothing after 6 hours , then a dr showed up at the door of the house.

mum said the time she went to the Dr's the huge waiting room that normally has 70+ chairs in it , just had 3 chairs , each one as far away from each other as possible . and the receptionists behind a floor to ceiling perspex shield . that just had a tiny slit smaller than a letter box , for papers , prescriptions and hearing aid batteries to fit through.