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End of restrictions

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I've just watched the Prime Minister announce the end of the restrictions and for our family it will be like going back to March 2020 :( For others the restrictions were our protections and to end isolation if you have covid just seems so wrong to me. Sorry had to let that out somewhere where people would understand. Thanks for reading.
I absolutely agree with you. My family and friends feel the same. We are still wearing masks, and if had symptoms would definitely stay home and tell we had them. All a bit premature to me.
Yes, it's definitely too much too soon. Take care.
I'm desperate to be carefree again, but my desire to keep well is greater. Very much a case of wait and see.
Gill is listed as extremely vulnerable to covid. If they think we're going back to normal they can think again.
I am carry on wearing a mask only visiting people who I can trust. To keep me safe and not make be vulnerable.

I will be still be washing hands regularly wiping all my food I bring home. These process have got me this far so why change it. :D
I feel the same. Wear my mask in taxis and try to shop when it is quiet. I do socialise but thankfully my friends feel the way I do and minimize risks. I feel it is too much too soon frankly. I think we all have to use our judgement.
I was looking forward to my 4th booster vaccine and so was my husband. It's for the over 75's and listed vulnerable. Interestingly, my husband wasn't originally prioritised as he should have been. Likewise in the first instance unpaid carers who had to fight I hope we are not going to have the same issue. A couple of weeks ago the Government web site stated people could have the 4th booster if there was 91 days since the 3rd vaccine. Some older people have had invitation letters to book for their 4th but have be unsuccessful in making appointments.
I agree with others - I have worked really hard to stay safe and look after my mum. This has meant sticking to a close group of careful friends and family and v little outside socialising. I can understand that people want to get back to normal but I don't understand why remove the need to isolate if you have covid. I still wear a mask everywhere and I lateral flow test all the time to make sure I am not asymptomatic - as a carer though it doesn't seem to be that I will be eligible for free tests. I think that they should continue to be made available to all carers. Feel that we have just been ignored.
This government let care home residents down badly at the start of the pandemic directing covid patients to be discharged into care homes.
Since then they have allowed care homes to bar family visitors. Despite that family can be tested in the same way as care home staff thus posing no greater risk to their loved ones.
The least they can do is continue to provide testing and PPE for family carers, carers and hospital staff and make essential care givers a lawful right so residents can see family on a regular basis. It’s cruel not to it’s also an infringement on basic human rights and equal rights of care home residents.
Many carers have looked after family members for no financial reward thus saving the government money.
I hope they do the right thing and allow essential care givers to be enshrined in law and allow another 4 family visitors to see loved ones on a regular basis and provide testing and PPE to increase safety