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Vaccine side effects

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Thanks for the info re everything being on display!! I will definitely explain at reception so they can cover everything over!!

Re soreness, I think it depends on the skill of the vaccinator too.

My jab wasn't done as smoothly as it should have been. I'd have preferred a bit more finesse!
My arm was sore for a day, and I was a bit achey, but it's OK now.
If it means I get my life back, I really don't mind.
I had the AstraZeneca vaccine in early March and suffered terrible side effects. To those of you who had side effects after the 1st vaccine - did you also get side effects from the 2nd dose?
I had headache for 2 half days with 1st. 2nd nothing really, just a heavy feeling in my arm.
A few days later, when the tree pollen was really high, I had some hay fever symptoms, never had before... I truthfully feel was nothing to do with the jab, as hay fever medication helped. Never suffered hay fever before.
After a mix-up on Monday of where I was sent for my second vaccine (they were only doing Pfizer one's), I finally received my AZ second one today. The first time around I had a dead leg straight away but no problems so far with the second one.

Glad you got the right second dose in the end. No side effects - hope it stays that way.

Hiya Melly, So far so good for me 18 hours since I've had it now:)
That's good to hear.

My wife (whom I care for) and I have had both of the vaccinations (Pfizer). My wife had mild side effects after the first. I had none; I did not even feel the needle go in.

After the second vaccination, my wife had more severe side effects. She had an upset stomach and fluctuation temperature for a few days. I had a slight ache in my arm the day after and that was all.

I have been informed from more than one source that it is not unusual for the second vaccination to cause worse after effects than the first. It is something to do with the body, now resistant to antibodies after the first vacccination, seeing the second injection as a new antibody, and fighting it.